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The right choice for your wedding in Tuscany

Each wedding represents the couple’s desire, visions and dreams, so no wedding is alike! We do not like packages as we prefer to customize every aspect of the event, so no one is the same. We help couples with every step of the process, working together on what you like and don’t like and we will be present for every aspect. There is no limit to emails or correspondence or skype call, if you need a call here we are.

We plan unique and unforgettable destination weddings

full wedding services
BeA alfresco wedding

The very first step is to find the best venue for you and the number of your guests. We are happy to help you in this first step and with the venue scouting, we will be happy to escort you during the site inspection to show you the beauty of our land and the venues which we work with.
We will have regular e-mail correspondence with and consultation on skype call.

full wedding services for ceremonies in Italy

We will assist you in identifying your style and creating a visual theme, with the help of the best suppliers in the Tuscan wedding business. We will send you different catering recommendations, including menu and wine selections and we will be happy to support you during the menu tasting during your visit.
We will assist you on the legal paperwork (applicable to weddings in Italy) for any ceremony you decide to have in Tuscany.

full wedding services in Tuscany

We will create a bespoke plan to suit your requirements, and satisfy all your necessities, including the accommodation of your guests here in Tuscany, if needed. Our tailored blueprint will include a detailed timeline leading up to your wedding, information about venues and suppliers, and costs.
You will be able to access this proposal at any stage, so that you know what is happening at all

full wedding services in Italy

As your planner we will give you our attentive and thoughtful guidance through all the process

full wedding services in Tuscany
  • Regular e-mail correspondence with your w.p.
  • Skype or telephone call (no limit)
  • Official English speaking interpreter
  • Legal documents if needed (European)
  • Venue selection and site inspection on the selected venues
  • Vendor recommendations and assisting in the selection of vendors
  • Attending vendor appointments during your visit
  • Reviewing all vendor contracts*, if desired
  • Full development of the wedding theme you have chosen
  • Recommendations with regards to the theme shall include site decor, food, attire, favours, centerpieces and wedding stationery
  • Handling follow-ups with all vendors
  • Budget preparation, allocation and management
  • Attending appointment with clergy (in discussing actual ceremony), if desired
  • Creating Floor Plans
  • Guest List management and tracking
  • Create a wedding day timeline/ schedule and send it to every vendor booked
  • Coordinate all the vendors booked
  • Attend and manage the wedding rehearsal
  • Supervision of ceremony and reception set up
  • On site direction of wedding ceremony and wedding reception
  • An assistant for the day of the wedding at no extra cost. If further assistants are required due to the size or complication of your wedding, a fee of €30,00 per hour, per assistant will be charged
… As your planner we will give you our attentive and thoughtful guidance through all the process.
Wedding Services

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We are happy to help any way we can and make your dream come true!

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