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Wedding in Historic Luxury Villas

Wedding in Historic Luxury Villas

Wedding in Tuscany, a journey back in time.

If you had a time machine in which historical period would you like to celebrate your wedding?
Tuscany is the ideal place for this type of game, with one advantage: your dreams will come true!

In fact there are few regions in Italy and also over the world that, like Tuscany, can boast a richness of history, religious and civil architecture belonging to various historical periods from ancient times to the 20th century.

Who is a wedding in a historic home recommended for?

If you love feeling and living history, if architecture from different periods fascinates you, choosing Tuscany as a back drop for your wedding gives you the unique possibility to experience diverse moments and times.

What emotions do you want to live and give to your guests?

Medieval austerity or the harmonious elegance of the Renaissance, the 18th century environment, and the romantic sobriety of one of its residences or the airiness of Liberty architecture?

A wedding in a historic residence by AFW Experience

BeA Alfresco Wedding will be your time machine and help you find a quality and fascinating location, taking you away from traditional models.

Our knowledge of Siena, Florence and of a lesser known more secret Tuscany away from the main tourist spots gives us a wealth of ideas. Our organisational skills offer an impeccable service for your wedding, even in those locations which may be rich in charm but present logistical difficulties.

For couples who love the middle ages, this territory is full of walled fortresses, mediaeval towers, abbeys, cloisters and monasteries, in which a joyful atmosphere and peacefulness will give a tangible emotion.

The Renaissance is the glorification of artistic and architectural perfection and its influence is profound in Tuscany, the land of Michelangelo, Leonardo and Brunelleschi: historical city palaces with frescoed rooms and marble statues or villas and residences in the hills of Fiesole, at the entrance to Florence.

The later centuries are represented by an unparalleled offer of town houses, public offices with court yards and arches, country villas, hunting retreats, spa towns, nineteenth century theatres, villas overlooking the sea, neo classical and baroque chapels. Some historical parks and gardens are a treasure which only open for wedding ceremonies. With their rigorous architecture, mazes, rose beds and centuries old trees they offer the perfect setting for a cocktail, a reception or your photographs.

Wedding in Historic Luxury Villas

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