Luxury wedding in a Chianti wine castle

Kathy and Rondu – May 30, 2015

Wonderful multicultural wedding in a Chianti wine resort. Kathy and Rondu come from US, their dream was to get married in the land of wine, in Tuscany, they wanted to offer a great experience to their families and friends with a 4 days long wedding in a wonderful Castle in Chianti in Tuscany, the land of wine.

The vision of the couples was to have a romantic and stylish wedding, the theme was the wine of course and a venue wine producer was the top list. Their colours were pink, gold and white.

They love dancing and get fun so we decided to have the dance floor among the round tables as to be the focus of the reception, with a beautiful crystal chandelier in the middle of the white dance floor, it was like to be in a luxury indoor ballroom but in reality it was an outdoor dinner, in a beautiful bellavista terrace in the Chianti area.

Infact all the group danced all night long during and after the wedding dinner.

It was a funny, beautiful experience for everyone.
Luxury wedding in a Chianti wine castle

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