Fairy tale wedding in Tuscan borgo

Martina & Tiziano – August 22, 2015

Romantic wedding in Tuscany for a German Couple from Munich and their sun and poppy.  Martina and Tiziano with their new born Gabriel falled in love with this fantastic Tuscan Borgo and decided to get married there.

They never came in Tuscany to do a site inspection, they just choose based on our experience and knowledge and we had perfectly right. They wanted a big place where can stay all together with the big group and this fantastic borgo fit perfectly with theri request.

They wanted a romantic wedding but Martina had no time to dedicate since she become mother of the fantastic Gabriel during the planning, and we were very happy to help this fantastic new family .

The legal binding ceremony was held in the garden of the Borgo, on the green grass facing a fantastic view of the Val d’Orcia, on the notes of the 3 strings playing classic and romantic musics, during  the ceremony Martina wanted the photos of the passed dears  as testimonials of their love. The rings have  been carried by their poppy…. a fantastic black labrador.  It was funny to make him walk down the aisle with all the new smells and people all around, it wasn’t easy at all!!!!!!

The cocktail hours followed the ceremony with canapeè and lots of Prosecco.

Martina wanted a romantic wedding and we though to do like  ” A Midsummer Night’s dream” in the farytale wood of the borgo hanging white chandeliers on the trees and transformed the wood in a romantic place. The wood is positioned just in front of the sunset and at the time of the dinner when all guests came in, everyone was surprised and fashinated on the beauty of the place. The music did the rest.

Romantic wedding in Tuscany for a German Couple from Munich and their sun and poppy.
Fairy tale wedding in Tuscan borgo

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