How to Choose the Wine for your Wedding in Tuscany

Let’s talk about How to Choose the Wine for your Wedding in Tuscany

How to Choose the Wine for your Wedding in Tuscany

In recent years, with the ever-growing love for wine, olive oil, and all products made with what Mother Nature gives us, a new wedding theme is becoming more and more popular – the wine wedding. This is a wedding based on wine and on the love for it.

Clearly, the bride and groom have to be wine lovers, and interested in all that lies behind the fantastic world of wine making.

And where to have a wine-themed wedding, if not in the wonderful land of Tuscany, where there are amazing wine producers?

In Tuscany, in fact, we have some of the best and most famous wines in the world. There is a distinction between the different the areas – we have Chianti (Siena – Florence – Arezzo ), Brunello ( Montalcino), Nobile (Montepulciano), and when we go down to the sea we find the famous and expensive Sassicaia and Ornellaia.

A marriage is a union of passion and of love, so why not put these in the wine wedding?

The wine wedding should be celebrated in a wine resort, although not too many wine farms open their doors to weddings, and those that do are very few and very exclusive.

But, let’s take a look at how to Choose the Wine for your Wedding in Tuscany and how a wine wedding is structured:

They are small, intimate weddings, with no more than 60/80 people.
Wine is the central theme for the reception, so that each course will be paired with a different wine.
There will be a wine tasting before the wedding.
The ceremony will probably take place outdoors; and preferably in the vineyard. Even though we know that this is very difficult, because the vineyards are often rocky and sloping, and not at all easy to navigate, it’s worth a try. Alternatively, we can opt for the barrel cellar – the space where the wine is aged in barrique, (small) barrels.
This wedding theme is very rustic, so we will need imperial tables, wooden beams with runners as table linens, and a simple decor, with pots of gypsophila and simple flowers, such as field flowers.
Tuscany is a land where you can feel the love for good wine and good food in every corner!

For all those who think – as I do – that there’s nothing better than a good glass of wine enjoyed while watching a breathtaking sunset – well this is the perfect wedding theme…

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