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guest's pampering

Guest’s pampering

We plan unique and unforgettable destination weddings

guest's pampering


It is nice to give to your guests a present that will remind them of their experience in Tuscany. We can create nice typical favours with our fantastic products such as olive oil or limoncello or special jams.

guest's pampering

Welcome Bags

How bout leaving a welcome bag in the room so that when your guests arrive they can suddenly find a present from you to thank them for being present during these special days? We can create customized bags with your logo or design and fill it with classical products like wine or oil, or others like Tuscan recipes, maps, time -line of the coming days, snacks….and more over

guest's pampering

Tours and Wine Tours

We are not only a wedding planner studio but we have a Travel Agent’s licence so we can “legally” organize fantastic TOURS and WINE TOURS with professional english speaking drivers with private cars or coach depending on the number of participants.
What do you think about a fantastic Pic-Nic with the Val d’orcia landscape as a backdrop?
Or a cheese tasting? Discover Tuscany with us

guest's pampering

Tuscan Cooking classes

Do you want to learn how to make the best, typical Tuscan recipes? Create and have fun with your hands in the pasta!!!! When you get home you can try to do it again and amaze your friends who will be happy to taste the food.

guest's pampering

Special rehearsal dinner

Usually in big group the rehearsal dinner is done for the bridal party and the families of the bride and groom. It is typically held after the rehearsal ceremony on the night before the wedding itself. It can be held at the same venue of the wedding or in another venue. We can help you to find the right place to hold the rehearsal dinner

guest's pampering

Pizza, BBQ and informal dinner before the wedding

Usually, a wedding group holds an informal dinner before the wedding. The group can become familiar in a more informal environment. Since it is a different party compared to the wedding it can be done in a more typical and informal way with music and decoration.

guest's pampering

Mehndi or Henna party

In Indian culture a wedding is not just one big day event but more than one day, the Mehndi or Henna party is the pre-wedding celebration, Mehndi infact is a form of body art done with henna. An artist during the party draws henna tattoos freehand on the bride-to-be’s and to her bridesmaids arms and legs.

guest's pampering

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We are happy to help any way we can and make your dream come true!

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