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Chinese wedding ceremony

We can take care of you and your traditions

We specialize in organizing Chinese wedding in Tuscany, both modern and traditional. Tuscany is a such romantic country full of breath-taking, historical landmarks that make the perfect backdrop for any Chinese couple’s wedding memories. Our team of experienced wedding planners will organize a truly unforgettable wedding, delivering all needs for you and your guests.

chinese wedding in tuscany

Modern Chinese Wedding

Many couples love to organize a modern Chinese wedding.. and we love bring their imagination to life! We combine red-theme Chinese conventions and the white-theme western ceremonies, tailoring special wedding designs according to your requests and based on your own ideas. All you need to create an air of romance and make your day really unique.
AlFresco Wedding has local vendors to provide you the required services: from lavish and stylish venues, traditional tea ceremony, banquet guests, entertainment, photography, decorations to traditional and delicious Chinese food.

A truly unforgettable day

We would be honored to partner with you in planning a truly unforgettable Chinese wedding in Tuscany!
Our services include organising flights, luxury acomodations and transportation for your guests and family, to arranging for Chinese speaking assistants and country tours, every single moment is carefully planned for.
We will provide you the best hair stylist and make-up artists, ensuring you and your guests are pampered every single moment. Whatever your dreams are, our wedding planners will make it happen.

Chinese wedding ceremony
Chinese wedding ceremony

We will make your dream wedding a reality

From an intimate celebration to a grand honouring of two people’s love, we will plan and organise every single detail for your big day. We will find the perfect venue for your wedding, plus we manage all the suppliers to make sure you get the best value for your money and allow you to enjoy planning your wedding free from stress and worry.
Our planners are thrilled to to create your dream destination Chinese wedding in Tuscany!

chinese wedding in tuscany
wedding ceremonies

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We are happy to help you in every way possible and to carry out your Chinese wedding ceremony

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