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wedding ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies

All you need to organize unforgettable customized Yes, I do!

We are able to help you with any documentation you may need to achieve the Nulla Osta that permits you to have a legal Marriage in Italy, and we can perform:

Ceremonies for weddings in Tuscany

Civil legal

A Civil wedding has legal value and by Italian law can usually only be celebrated in a Town Hall, most of which are located in beautiful historical buildings, in unique villas or grand palaces owned by the local government of the area. However we can organize legal weddings at any venue with the help of our Ministrant.

Symbolic or blessing Ceremonies

A Symbolic wedding consists of a blessing or a symbolic ceremony so it’s a valid alternative to avoid civil and religious requirements and documents. As it is not legally binding then no paperwork is required.

In a Symbolic wedding you can get really creative as the ceremony can take place wherever you desire: in many beautiful or perhaps sentimental locations such as elegant villas, picturesque courtyards and Medieval castles, Italian Gardens, among the olive trees or any other location. It can be set out exactly like other weddings but you can really let your imagination run where it wants to with this wedding. I’ll provide you with some wonderful ideas.

exotic wedding ceremony in italy
Wedding Catholic Cerimonies

Catholic Ceremonies

A Catholic Ceremonies is performed in a Catholic Church. It is a sacrament performed during the Holy Mass by a Priest. This kind of ceremony requires special paperwork to be done in addition to the Civil documents. Catholic Ceremonies can be just religious or concordatory which means that the catholic ceremony will be performed together with the legal one.

We can take care of any different ceremonies

such as: Indian ceremonies, Persian ceremonies, Chinese Ceremonies, and the one nearer to your origin and cultures.

wedding ceremonies

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