M&P _ 24.0617

A fantastic couple for a magical place in Tuscany. Maria a young Italian woman and Peter young Dutch man have chosen a magic logo to celebrate their wedding, a village in Tuscany where they stayed with their 70 guests for 2 nights and have made various events on days like the Pizza party, and the brunch for the day of check out.

The ceremony was held in a large garden, we set up a large metal circle to mean love and infinity, during the ceremony a white grand piano and a violin sounded making all guests and even the groom move.

The event continued in the various locations of the structure in an alternation of music, joy and fun, but this reflected fully the joy and happiness of the couple.

The Borgo is the ideal place for those who want to have a big wedding ina country chic place – The Borgo can host up to 70 people and for the wedding more than 100.