Tuscan Shooting _ two brides for two styles

Al fresco team did a fantastic job with this shooting, all the great team helped the process of this great photo sessions. Our project was to put two different styles in comparaison, and I think we succeded.

Take a fantastic location in the Val d’Orcia and a country chic style immediately comes to mind. This is the Locanda in Tuscany, a finely restored farmhouse, with vintage furniture and a romantic chic flavor perfect for Tuscan Alfresco wedding dining.

The colours of the surrounding area come to mind, gold orange and green.
But if your style is more glamour and you like the contrast of precious things with a country atmosphere? Two brides (twins no less) each with completely different styles, one glamour, one country chic.

A mirror wedding from the stationary to the bouquets and table setting.

Your envision becomes reality with contrasting two styles.