Luxury wedding venues in Tuscany, Italy: a unique, must have atmosphere

Every couple deserves a perfect setting for their wedding, to live to the full the love that joins them. Tuscany offers many dream locations which can satisfy any kind of request: From noble villas and Tuscan farmhouses to wine villas and not forgetting the beaches of Versilia.

Tuscan Noble Villas

Noble villas are ideal for guaranteeing a unique atmosphere for your guests. Tuscany, thanks to its history has a rich cultural heritage, full of splendid noble villas. A Tuscany wedding planner like BeA Alfresco is able to advise you on the best location for your needs, for a unique and elegant wedding.

A Country Chic Wedding

Tuscany is the quintessence of country style. The ideal place for a happening wedding but with a relaxed atmosphere among the splendid countryside which Tuscany offers.

Farmhouses, country houses, farm estates: These locations re the right choice for couples who want to experience a complete connection to the area, without saying no to all the comforts!

The charm of a wine resort

A Tuscan wine resort is the definition of chic and is not to be underestimated: A unique way to celebrate a wedding surrounded by the countryside but at the same time wrapped in luxury in a location with gardens and swimming pool. Many Tuscan wine producers open their doors to weddings and luxury events offering intimate and engaging ceremonies which are unique in their kind.

Three ideas for your luxury wedding in Tuscany

  • Would you like a location of the grid? Why not celebrate your wedding on one of the many Tuscan beaches?
  • Real luxury is in the details: Pay attention to everything, from the centre table decoration to the chrome. Nothing is left to chance!
  • A luxury wedding can be traditional o original: one counts is giving the personal touch to the ceremony, for example by creating a personal logo.

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